Newport Recycling buys recovered materials from local authorities and waste management companies.

We offer some of the best deals available on everything from newspapers and magazines to plastic bottles and films and steel and aluminium cans.

Newport Recycling can offer a wide array of recycling facilities to meet your needs; perfectly balancing revenue and carbon footprint.

A Large Network

We believe secure outlets are of paramount importance, so we have developed a wide network of reliable long-term relations across the UK, Europe and the Far East.

This secure yet flexible network is the key to us providing the best solutions for everyone involved and is why we are known for reliability and quality of service.


Newport Recycling can buy newspapers and magazines, cardboard, mixed papers and all grades of printer’s waste.

There is a wide end use for papers as they can be used to make everything from ceiling tiles to new papers.


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Cardboard can come in many forms, but corrugated card is the most widely recycled packaging material, followed by scanboard and coloured card.

We can buy, sell and recycle all of the card types. The majority of recycled card is reprocessed into more card used in packaging.

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Newport Recycling can buy segregated natural HDPE, coloured HDPE, clear PET, coloured PET and mixed plastic bottles.

We would also be interested in film grades.

By choosing to recycle plastics with Newport Recycling you can help save up to twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator.

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Newport Recycling buys steel and aluminium cans for recycling from waste management companies and local authorities.

We have long term contracts we have with UK and European reprocessors which guarantees our suppliers both market leading prices and security of offtake.

The steel produced goes back in to the automotive industry, aerospace, shipbuilding and construction as well as producing more steel cans for the food and beverage industry.

The aluminium we recycle goes back into the beverage industry.

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Queries and Quotes


If you have any queries regarding any materials you have or are looking for please feel free to contact is on Or use the quick form opposite.

Please send a minimum of 4 photos of any material you would like to identify and we should be able to help.