Purchasing Bulk Paper

Papers come in a wide variety of mixtures and quality.

The majority of the papers we collect are recycled into new news or magazine papers.

There is a wide end use for papers as they can be used to make everything from ceiling tiles to new papers.

Mixed papers

They are predominantly news and pam but can have up to 30% of other paper and card sources mixed in.

Sorted office Waste (SOW)

General office papers made up of coloured and white letters and business forms which may be shredded. This grade may contain a few metal pins and fasteners and a small percentage of manila envelopes or file covers.

Over issue News

Newspapers containing a maximum of 5% coloured newspapers or advertisements. This material should be free of magazines and wood fibres.

News and Pams

A very common material which is usually classified into either 70/30 or 80/20. Containing a mixture of newspapers and magazines with a minimum of 70% newspapers. This material is the standard export classification for baled news and pamphlets (pams

White heavy letter

Sorted White wood free originating from office records, free from cash books, carbon paper and non-water soluble adhesives. Should contain no coloured wood free material and no mechanical fibres.

Light Coloured letter

Consists of 75% White Heavy letter and 25% Coloured Heavy letter per bale, mustbe free from all coated papers. Bales must be  free of plastic, poly coated or laminates & any other contraries such as wet strength or ‘stickies’ such as latex. N.C.R content limited to the normal average found in Coloured Letter/White Letter

Coloured heavy letter

Made up of Office paper such as letters, photocopy papers, invoices etc which have been lightly printed. May contain lightly printed boards such as business reply cards. Bank cheques may be included but must be free from wet strength cheques . Paper must be woodfree and uncoated and free from stickies

Queries and Quotes


If you have any queries regarding any materials you have or are looking for please feel free to contact is on info@newportpaper.com. Or use the quick form opposite.

Please send a minimum of 4 photos of any material you would like to identify and we should be able to help.