Purchasing Bulk Plastic

Agricultural / Construction film

Plastic film that is commonly used to wrap agricultural products such as bales or livestock food.

Jazz Film

Usually a mixed of coloured plastic film. Can consist of a rage of colours and film types. Apply named jazz due to its bright colourful appearance.

Mixed rigid

Consisting of various types of ridged plastic, mixed ridged bales should be predominantly HDPE and PP plastics. Bales should be clean and clear of other fibres and any organics.

Plastic Bottles

Whether they are Jazz bottles, HD bottles or standard plastic bottles, we will do our best to find you an outlet.

PP sacks

These are the woven plastic sacks as used in the transportation of consumer aggregates. They come in three grades A, B and C. Grade A is clean and white or single colour sacks. Grade B is clean mixed coloured sacks. Whilst Grade C is slightly dirty mixed coloured sacks.


End of life tyres. Can be collected either in bales or loose.

Queries and Quotes


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