Newport Recycling can offer a wide array of recycling facilities to meet your needs; perfectly balancing revenue and carbon footprint.

Newport Recycling is committed to achieving high performance throughout the business.

That is why we provide full disclosure and always adhere to ISO quality, environmental and health and safety standards

Reliable and Trustworthy

We understand that working with reliable and trusted companies is a must for local authorities and businesses alike, which is why we offer total transparency.

Each accreditation is available in full below.

Service Excellence

We strive to offer an excellent level of service for our customers and operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, reducing our impacts on the environment.

In addition, we are committed to offering a safe and healthy environment for staff and customers to work in, whilst as a minimum, complying with all legislation pertinent to our activities.

Certificates, Insurances and Licenses

Newport Recycling is fully certified in Quality Assurance Standards ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001:2007, for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety respectively. All contracts are managed under the principals of these quality standards and as a company we strive to continually develop.

> Newport Recycling’s BS OHSAS 18001 Certificate to November 2018

> Newport Recycling – ISO 9001 Certificate to November 2018

> Newport Recycling – ISO 14001 Certificate to November 2018

Waste Carriers Licence

> Newport Recycling’s Waste Brokers & Carriers Licence – for the legal purchasing and transportation of recycling and waste.

> Employers & Public Liability Insurance

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    News Papers

    We buy and sell a range of news papers. This includes over issue news and news and pams.

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    We buy and sell a range of card. This includes old corrugated card (OCC), packaging card, scan board, box board cuttings (BCC) and pre-consumer egg boxes.

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    Mixed papers

    We buy and sell a range of paper grades including soft mixed papers, sorted office waste (SOW), white heavy letter, light coloured letter and coloured heavy letter.

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    Plastic Bottles

    We buy and sell a range of plastic bottles. This includes PP bottles, HD bottles and Jazz bottles.

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    Plastic Film

    We buy and sell a range of plastic film. This includes agricultural film, construction film and Jazz film.

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    We buy and sell a range of glass. This includes sorted glass or mixed glass.

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    Steel and Aluminium Cans

    We buy and sell a range of processed cans. This includes both steel and aluminium cans.

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    Used Tyres

    We buy and sell a used tyres.

Queries and Quotes


If you have any queries regarding any materials you have or are looking for please feel free to contact is on Or use the quick form opposite.

Please send a minimum of 4 photos of any material you would like to identify and we should be able to help.